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I love to take photographs, talk about them, and think about their meanings and possible uses.
I perceive them as an entry point to lived experience and a tool to promote a better understanding of the self and the collective. 

As a member and editor of the Activestills Collective, I facilitate creative processes that use photography and culminate in books, exhibitions, artistic interventions, and multimedia projects. 
As a teacher, I combine my activist documentary work,
 and my background in theory and history of photography to create community-enhancement photography programs.

Since 2020 I'm the co-founder and editor of Mealelet: Magazine for Artist Books, an online platform discussing the role of books in artistic practices.

In 2021 I was appointed the manager of Mevo'ot: The Ideas Fund after Joav BarEl, which works to commemorate the late artist, critique, and teacher. The fund specializes in building spaces and platforms for communities of the Arts, contributing to the dissemination and preservation of knowledge for future generations. 

I have created this website in order to draw attention to two very personal projects,
both of which deal with the intergenerational transference of trauma caused by war.  

You are welcome to learn more about those endeavors in the 'Shooting' and 'Healing' sections,
and visit the links on the contact page for more info. 


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